Sokkia B-20 Auto Level

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Sokkia B20 Automatic Level, 32x Magnification

Rugged and reliable, these automatic levels incorporate a field-proven compensator for excellent accuracy. The telescope features a two-speed focus knob and provides a bright, sharp view to reduce operator eyestrain. Quick collimation and horizontal angle measurement ensure fast, easy aiming of layout and alignment tasks. Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, each automatic level is tightly sealed against water, humidity, and dust (IPX6).

Objective Lens Diameter: 42mm. Magnification: 32x. Field of View (at 100): 1°20’. Minimum Focus: 1’ (0.3m). Compensating Range: ±15’. Accuracy 1 km Double Level Run: ±0.7mm. Coarse Sighting: Peep sight. Weight: 4.08 lbs.


1 Unit Tripod
1 Unit Rambu Ukur