Compas DQL8

Compas DQL 8

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Model DQL-8
Needle Induction dampened
damping time ≤ 15′ ‘
Red needle to S, white needle to N
Vernier witd vernier
allowing for fine inclination measurement
Vertical Accuracy(Direct reading): ± 10′
Estimated reading: ± ½ °
VerticalRange: ± 90° or 0-100%
Circle Graduation: 0-360° , Min. 1° , allowing for ½ ° (estimated) azimutdreading
Diameter: Outer: 65-0.05mm; Inner: 55+0.2mm
Zero PIN Allowingfor magnetic deviationadjustment
Level(Bubble) Circular Level: Allowing for azimutd measurement levelling; Accuracy: 30′ ± 5′ /2mm
Plate Level: Allowing for inclination measurement levelling; Accuracy: 15′ ± 5′ /2mm
Peep Sight Large Sight: Coming witdlarge peep sightattached to tde housing
Small Sight: Coming witd small peep sight attached to tde cover
Standard Outfit Instrument, Leatder Caseand mini Tools
Optional Item Ball-and-socket Tripod: DQL-JJ18
Equipped witd non-magneticball-and-socketdetachable carrier (N. W.: 204g)
Adjustable Height: 870mm~1380mm (34′ ‘ ~54’ ‘ )
N. W.: 2.2kg (including durable Canvas Carrying Bag CCB-1618)
Per Shipping Carton–Qty: 6pcs; G. W: 20kg; Size: 0.20cbm (97cm ´ 67cm´ 30cm)
Packing Details Instrument N. W.: 290g witd Leatder Case
Per Shipping Carton–
Qty: 50pcs; G. W: 15kg
Size: 0.04cbm (45cm ´ 35cm´ 25cm)

Compass DQL-8 SouthGeoSystems Mainly used for measuring the Strike, Inclination, Topography Skeleton Survey, etc.